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Cuba shuts factories, cuts energy to save economy

It would appear that the “Revolution” was a complete failure… Duh! This was known by educated Cubans shortly after Castro took control of the country 1n 1959, and the reason Cubans fled from the island en masse during the early sixties. Those … Continue reading

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Airport chapels offer haven to more faiths

What they should do in these non-denominational airport chapels, just for fun, is wait until they’re full of people (of different faiths) then lock the doors. I guarantee you that within 15 minutes fights will break out, and in less than an … Continue reading

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Iraqi police: 24 killed in Baghdad bombings

The stories coming out of Iraq are practically the same day each day; only the number of vicitims change. As with all religious issues, it is difficult for me to comprehend how people with the same bloodline, from the same … Continue reading

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Wis. man testifies he expected God to heal child

I continue to follow this story and how these Christian imbeciles let a little girl die because of their ignorance, stupidity and belief in God; yet I almost can’t believe it. This obsession with Jesus, God and that stinking Bible, … Continue reading

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Madonna pens article for Israeli daily

Madonna is still sizzling hot, but she’s apparently lost all her marbles. First she’s adopting kids from 5th world countries, despite all of the American-born children without parents… Fine, kids are kids and any child in need is worth helping. … Continue reading

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Mom of decapitated baby: ‘I didn’t mean to do it’

An update on a previous story. This woman claimed that the Devil made her kill her baby… I know what all of you Christian apologists out there are saying, it wasn’t her fault, she was possessed; or how about this … Continue reading

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Sudanese woman to give up immunity to stand trial

This article is not just about Islamic women, it’s about women in general who so devoutly follow all of the archaic, chauvinistic, discriminatory customs of yesteryear.  And again, to reiterate, I’m not simply addressing the Islamic crowd, but ALL religions; … Continue reading

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Wis. dad of dead girl says he trusted God to heal

Again, this story just won’t go away, and with good reason… I hope the child murderer chokes on the Bible while they fry his Christian ass!!! TGO Refer to story below. Source: Associated Press By ROBERT IMRIE, Associated Press Writer … Continue reading

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