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Pat Condell: A special kind of Hate

You gotta love someone who, in this hypocritical and politically correct world we live in, isn’t afraid to speak out. TGO Video: YouTube  

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Vatican hits sour note with women, but progress may come

Why would any woman want to join the Catholic priesthood, which if nothing else, is a gay man’s club. Just think about it, what straight man wants to live with a bunch of men, give up sex (with a woman) … Continue reading

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Evolution Deniers Believe in ‘Smorgasbord’ of Science

The religiously indoctrinated will do anything to justify their beliefs, despite the fact that in reality they KNOW that their beliefs are bogus. Such is the mind once tarnished with superstition. This is why religious people cannot or simply refuse … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro: ‘I don’t trust the US, nor have I spoken with them’

What a despicable human being, this cockroach known as Fidel Castro. Few men, if any in the last 100 years, have been as evil as this low-life. He single-handedly destroyed a nation and a people for generations to come, turning … Continue reading

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Sam Harris: We Have To Acknowledge Islam’s Doctrines!

Why can’t there be more intelligent, rational, sensible people in this world; people such as Sam Harris? The world would be such a better world if that were the case… TGO Video: YouTube

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3 Reasons People Believe in Miracles (But Shouldn’t)

More logical arguments/discussions; something the religiously indoctrinated among you have trouble dealing with. TGO Video: YouTube

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Giant asteroid set to buzz Earth, poses no threat

One of these asteroids is going to make “landfall” one day and ruin the flow of our lives… And while the men and women of science track these monsters and try to figure out how to destroy one (should it … Continue reading

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Australian women ‘joining IS foreign fighters’

So now we know; Australian women, at least those who are joining IS, are STUPID! But they’re not alone. There are a lot of really stupid people on this planet. And as a group, at the top of the list, are … Continue reading

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