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Venezuelans mass for year’s largest anti-government protests

Isn’t socialism/communism “great”? Everywhere that this flawed ideology takes root the masses are bent over, and, well, you know the rest. This is what Fidel Castro did to the Cubans. In fact, Hugo Chavez, the former scum-bag dictator of Venezuela, … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: Am I a Racist?

Pat Condell says it like it is, and yet again, I wholeheartedly agree with his point of view. TGO Source: YouTube

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Suicide bomber, two people killed outside a Shi’ite Mosque in Saudi: witnesses

KABOOM! The towel heads continue to exterminate one another in much the same way that animals prey on one another. The reason, they’re animals. In fact, they’re worse than animals. Animals generally don’t kill their own species, whereas Muslims, well, … Continue reading

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Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sect In The UK Bans Women Drivers, Provoking Outrage

Here we have Hasidic Jews. These knucklehead are cousins of the other knuckleheads, Muslims. The difference is that in Islam it is the women who wear the more ridiculous outfits, whereas in Judaism, it is the men. Just check out the … Continue reading

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Saudi beheads Pakistani drug trafficker

Keep those heads rolling… As I’ve stated earlier on this Blog, Muslims are trying to send the world back to the time of Muhammad; the seventh century. Truth be told, in terms of their barbarism, they’ve already accomplished it. TGO … Continue reading

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What Was Here Before the Solar System?

Interesting stuff… TGO Refer to story below. Source: Universe Today by Fraser Cainon May 28, 2015 The Solar System is 4.5 billion years old, but the Universe is much older. What was here before our Solar System formed? The Solar … Continue reading

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Love Letters to Richard Dawkins

Isn’t it amusing how emotional (and loving) religious people are? These morons believe they have all the answers. They don’t for one minute stop to question any of the things inculcated in them by their ignorant parents; beliefs in the fairy tales surrounding one … Continue reading

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Bill Maher – New Rules (Noah’s Ark, God and Religion)

Bill Maher makes a mockery out of the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible, as everyone who isn’t mentally retarded should. Yet fundamentalist Christians, many of whom claim not to be mentally retarded, really believe this idiotic fairy tale. Sit … Continue reading

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