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Carson puts new spotlight on Seventh-day Adventist Church

Really? Is the American electorate stupid enough to support this knucklehead? As Bill Maher refers to people like him; smart/stupid people. How can a neurosurgeon believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible? Is this the kind of guy we want … Continue reading

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Muslim truck drivers refuse to deliver beer, win $240,000 lawsuit

What is this country coming to? I know the answer. The answer is the same for France, England, Sweden and most of the rest of western Europe. This country is becoming the United States of Islam, a malady affecting the … Continue reading

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Signs of alien life? Mysterious star stirs controversy

Skeptics will always disagree, especially the religious fanatics among us who believe that God created us and only us and that we are somehow special, but the universe is too vast to not contain countless other living creatures. And yes, … Continue reading

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Muslims condemn Britain’s plans to combat extremism

Don’t you just love it? These people leave their f*cked up countries, immigrate to another country, and then condemn the plans, laws, etc. of the other country. But as if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s the punchline. The politicians of those … Continue reading

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Palestinians torch Jewish shrine amid ‘revolution’ calls

The hatred between Muslims and Jews continues, and will continue forever. They are basically one people, the only difference between them is their religious beliefs. Once again, as Christopher Hitchens so succinctly and accurately stated – religion poisons everything. TGO Refer to … Continue reading

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New York teen dies after hours-long beating at church

What a bunch of sick bastards! Is it possible that people can be that stupid? The answer is obvious, and all it takes is a good brainwashing. And what better medium than religion to accomplish this? TGO Refer to story … Continue reading

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Bombs kill 95 at pro-Kurdish rally in Turkish capital

There are Muslims, and there are bombs? Really? Wow, what a surprise! Who would have thought; Muslims and bombs? Really? I’m astonished. Why? Islam is supposed to be the religion of piss, I mean peace. What happened? How could there … Continue reading

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India protests to Saudi after maid’s hand chopped off

Barbarians!!! Muslims are barbarians! And no country is more barbaric than Saudi Arabia. But, at the end of the day, who cares? The answer is, nobody. American dick-head apologists, who have sawdust in their brains, continue to suck up to … Continue reading

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