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“STOP SUPPORTING DICTATORS” Meghan McCain destroys Whoopi Goldberg

Interesting video on many fronts… Naturally, I disagree with Whoopi (what else is new). Here’s a woman who supported NFL players kneeling before the national anthem of the United States of America. Yet, she criticizes the vice president of the … Continue reading

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Ben Shapiro on Oprah’s presidential possibilities

Could Oprah be the next president of the United States? At this point, anything is possible. TGO Video: YouTube

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Don’t try this at home. TGO  

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Doyle Lee Hamm execution: Repeated jabbing of death row inmate in attempted lethal injection amounts to torture, says lawyer

Only in America! Only in America is a convicted murderer treated with such delicacy. I wonder if his victims and their families suffered any pain, physical and emotional, when this scum-bag took their lives? TGO Refer to story below. Source: … Continue reading

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Johnnie Walker is being replaced by Jane (on some bottles)

This is one Scotch I won’t be ordering anytime soon. My guess is this marketing move on the part of Diageo is going to tank. I think the shelves of liquor stores and bars will remain full as most women … Continue reading

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Monica Lewinsky: ‘I’m Not Alone Anymore’ Thanks To The Me Too Movement

Am I missing something here? Last time I checked, Monica Lewinsky was having an affair with Bill Clinton. In fact, isn’t it true that she allowed the President to insert a cigar in her vagina? And now she’s a victim … Continue reading

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Florida House Republicans Demand Sheriff’s Ouster Over Parkland Shooting Response

The emotional and illogical democrats, with their anti-gun agenda, can place all of the blame for this tragedy on the AR-15. The truth of the matter is that the Broward County Sheriff’s office and the FBI dropped the ball; BIG … Continue reading

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Vatican rolls out exorcism training course to counter rise in ‘demonic possessions’

Oh boy, here we go… You know, there are some really, really stupid people in this world! Just consider, there is actually an organization called the International Association of Exorcists. But if you think they’re stupid, just consider paying $178/hour … Continue reading

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