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At least 15 killed as gunmen attack Afghan government building

Hey everyone, screw the Trump administration. Let’s open our borders, then we can be just like Afghanistan! You liberals are so full of it! TGO Refer to story below. Source: Reuters By Ahmad Sultan and Abdul Qadir Sediqi, Reuters¬†July 31, … Continue reading

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Shapiro: Culture war is between elitists and everyone else

Again, rational, civil conversation on Fox News. Turn on CNN and/or MSNBC and it’s all negative Trump comments.¬† Here it is in plain English. If the president does something good he should be supported. If he does something bad, or … Continue reading

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LeBron James Is Done With Trump: ‘I Would Never Sit Across From Him’

LeBron, stick to what you’re good at, which is basketball. You’re nobody to sit across the table from the president. You’re just an athlete, nothing more. Since you despise Trump’s agenda so much, maybe you should go join another former … Continue reading

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Denise Milani…

Oh my goodness… TGO  

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Gingrich: Battle With Trump Over Border Wall Could Be ‘Very Expensive’ for Dems Before Midterms

A civilized, rational conversation without all of the emotional nonsense that takes place during discussions with liberals. It really is refreshing. TGO Video: YouTube

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The hole in the Trump economy

A liberal source, and columnist, putting a negative spin on Trump’s economy. Gee, what a surprise! Never have a group of people been so full of hate for the president of the United States that they actually want the country … Continue reading

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A beauty at the beach. TGO

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Tucker: Trump Derangement Syndrome makes Dems unrecognizable

Democrats are *ssholes. Hillary, Bernie, Nancy, Maxine, Whoopi, Joy and the rest of their clan… They are all as worthless as a bag of the feces found in San Francisco’s streets; and one might as well throw in everyone at … Continue reading

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