Angelina Jolie dismisses talk of marriage, babies

Beautiful Angie currently isn’t planning to marry Brad Pitt. Why she ever married Billy Bob Thornton is beyond me; I’ve seen him in a couple of interviews and he seems to be a real jerk-off. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Reuters

ReutersBy Bob Tourtellotte | Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Angelina Jolie has dismissed ongoing speculation about marriage and more kids with her partner Brad Pitt, telling Vanity Fair in an interview published on Tuesday that there are “no secret wedding plans.”

The Oscar-winning actress revealed details of her upcoming wartime romance film, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” which she directed. She told Vanity Fair magazine that she feared stepping behind the camera for the first time.

“I’ve never felt more exposed. My whole career, I’ve hidden behind other people’s words,” Jolie said. “Now it’s me talking. You feel ridiculous when you get something wrong.”

The actress, who penned the script during a two day quarantine period when she had the flu, said she had Pitt read it over first. “He called and said, ‘You know, honey, it’s not that bad,'” Jolie told the magazine.

The story follows a couple’s love affair during the Bosnian war, and Jolie made sure to get the script as accurate as possible by sending it to reporters and writers of Serbian and Bosnian nationalities who had experienced the war.

“I was gauging the accuracy…If they said no, I wouldn’t have done it,” she said.

But the movie did cause controversy last year when the leader of a woman’s group in Sarajevo urged city officials to ban shooting the film in Bosnia. She complained that the love story was offensive because it was between a Bosnian woman and Serbian man.

At the time, Jolie said she hoped people would withhold any judgment until they had seen the film, which is expected to hit theaters in December of this year.

The “Salt” actress told Vanity Fair that she took the helm as director because the script “was something I didn’t trust out of my hands.” And she revealed how directing the film changed the way she perceived acting.

“Brad thinks I’m going to be a nightmare,” joked Jolie, who won her Oscar for supporting actress in “Girl, Interrupted.”

“I had such a good experience he thinks I’m going to be impatient with directors, which I already am. I get impatient with people working on a film that have their head in their hands like it’s the most complicated thing in the world.”

She said Pitt was very supportive of the film and offered suggestions, but she wasn’t sure he was the best person from whom to take advice.

“He’d come in and say what he liked or what he didn’t understand. Like any woman, I would listen to most of it and fight a few things. He’s been so supportive. But it’s hard to separate the person that loves you from the critic, so I don’t think he’s a fair judge.”

Jolie cast many unknown actors in the film, which she felt was important for authenticity.

“It couldn’t be anyone else. It’s their story. It was important that they were willing to do it. If none of them were willing, I wouldn’t have made it,” said the actress.

And as for its ultimate success or failure, Jolie leaves it up to the audience to decide, hopefully in a good debate.

“People will judge for themselves. I think if you make a good movie people will walk away arguing,” she said.

(Reporting and Writing by Piya Sinha-Roy; Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)

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