Alec Baldwin engaged to 28 year-old girlfriend

Is it love or the money and fame? The question is aimed at her, obviously.

Mel Gibson should have a talk with Alec Baldwin before he signs on the dotted line. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Reuters


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin is engaged to marry his 28-year-old girlfriend, his spokesman said on Monday.

Baldwin, who turns 54 on Tuesday, proposed over the weekend in New York to Hilaria Thomas, a yoga teacher he has been publicly dating for about a year.

“Yes, it’s true! Alec proposed to Hilaria this weekend and we’re all excited for the newly engaged couple. Alec’s birthday is tomorrow — great way to celebrate!,” the actor’s spokesman Matthew Hiltzik said.

Baldwin met Thomas, a former Latin ballroom dancer, about a year ago and has stepped out with her at the 2011 Tony Awards in New York and other red carpet events. The couple also exchange regular messages on Twitter.

Baldwin, who has won multiple awards for playing egotistical television executive Jack Donaghy on “30 Rock”, was previously married to actress Kim Basinger for eight years, but the union ended in a bitter divorce in 2002.

(Reporting By Jill Serjeant; Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)

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3 Responses to Alec Baldwin engaged to 28 year-old girlfriend

  1. GhostRider says:

    Since love is an emotional / mental state and all emotional / mental states exist, then, according to logic, love exists. What does not exist is permanence. Whatever exists, only exists while it exists and when it ceases to exist, it no longer exist. -GhostRider Wisdom…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  2. GhostRider says:

    Congratulations to Alec, who beat my age differential between me and a Honey by 3yrs. He’s gotta love as there’s nothing like natures first gold! -GRW…that’s my story and I sticking to it.

    • TGO says:

      Being that I’m a rational thinker who looks at all the evidence before forming a hypothesis, I seriously doubt that this is true love; but then I wonder – is there really such a thing? Anyway, I hope for Alec’s sake that he will present his “baby honey” with a prenuptial. As Paul McCartney, Mel Gibson and others can attest to, a young pussycat (if you know what I mean) can turn out to be extremely expensive.

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