Bill Nye: Debate Over Evolution In Texas Schools Is Jeopardizing Our Future

How stupid can people be? Is it possible that the human race can be so easily brainwashed into believing the most absurd falsehoods, despite all of the overwhelming evidence against such propositions? The answer, of course, is yes! These creationist cretins are so stupid they actually believe that the earth is about 10,000 years old! Now that, my friends, is stupidity! The sad part of it is, that it is the children who will suffer, as they too will grow up to be just as ignorant as their parents.

The United States of America is regressing instead of progressing. If this religious brainwashing continues, particularly in the southern states, in a couple of generations there will be more preachers than scientists. How backward would that be? TGO

Refer to story below. Source: HuffPost

Posted: 11/23/2013 5:01 pm EST  |  Updated: 11/23/2013 7:28 pm EST


A battle has been raging in Texas, and it’s all about evolution.

On one side are creationist-minded members of the state Board of Education. They don’t believe evolution should be taught in public schools in Texas. On the other side are board members who don’t want religious or political ideologies to suppress a widely accepted theory.

Huffington Post Science reached out to Bill Nye to get his take on the ongoing debate, which had recently flared during a board discussion about whether to approve new science textbooks. And the “Science Guy” had some choice things to say.

“This textbook business is, to my way of thinking, a very serious matter, because of the economic impact,” Nye said in an email to HuffPost. “Everyone should take a moment and think what it will mean to raise a generation of students who might believe that it is reasonable to think for a moment that the Earth might be 10,000 years old.”

“It’s an outrageous notion,” Nye continued. “It’s not a benign idea. It’s inane or silly. These students will not accept the process of science, which will stifle or suppress innovation.”

How so?

Using a Dallas-based high-tech company as an example, Nye said the suppression of science ultimately would mean that such companies “would not be able to find competent engineers to come up with new ideas and create new products.”

“It’s not a religious issue, as such. It’s the future of the United States’ economy that’s at stake,” Nye said.

The board ultimately decided to adopt the contested textbooks, but, of course, the evolution-in-schools debate has not been limited to the Lone Star State.

So what can parents across the U.S. do to make sure their kids’ scientific education isn’t being stunted?

Vote — every chance you get, Nye concluded. “Make your voice heard.”

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3 Responses to Bill Nye: Debate Over Evolution In Texas Schools Is Jeopardizing Our Future

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  2. mapsguy1955 says:

    Funny that they call evolution a theory. And what do they call their creation which is not based on ANY verifiable evidence? Fact?

    • TGO says:

      Exactly! You hit the nail square in the head. The people who believe in creationism are thinking with their rear ends, which might be the same as their brains.

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