Robin Williams’ Death

A friend of mine (we’ll call him Pete) has suggested that Robins Williams did not commit suicide, but rather that he died from what is termed ‘auto-erotic asphyxiation’, which is one of the many terms associated with this event.

This is where an individual masturbates while at the same time restricting the blood flow to the brain, which is supposed to heighten the intensity of one’s orgasm.

His thinking is that Robin Williams was found in what is basically a sitting position, slumped over with one of his shoulders practically touching the floor. Pete’s suggestion is that people who engage in that practice do it from a seated position.

Pete’s other reason for suggesting that there was no suicide involved is the fact that Robin Williams left no suicide note behind, which typically an individual committing suicide does.

Whether my friend Pete is right or wrong has yet to be determined and in fact we may never know. Even if he did die in the fashion he suggests, it may be kept from public knowledge. Robin Williams was much more popular and adored by the public than someone like fellow actor David Carradine, who in fact died in the same manner that my friend suggests Robin Williams did.

The bottom line is that sadly, Robin Williams is dead. It would be an even more sad ending to his life, in my view, if he never intended to die. TGO



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