Houston Mayor Defends Decision to Not Issue Mandatory Evacuation Orders

The masses are idiotic, there’s no denying that. One will always get five or ten percent of the population, generally it’s all those “tough guys” out there who say: “were not moving, no hurricane is going to make me leave my home.” Then, after there is no home and they’re waist deep in water, they’re whining and complaining.

Having said that, who the f*ck is electing these stupid bastards to public office? People such as the mayor of Houston and Baltimore? I mean, really folks, is this it? Are these people winning votes because they’re black? Duh, dumb question. I have nothing against blacks. But please, how about electing someone with a brain, regardless of their skin color! TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Yahoo View

Yahoo View – August 27, 2017

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said it was not feasible to put “2.3 million people on the road,” saying the controversial 2005 Hurricane Rita evacuation had taught the city a lesson.

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