Shapiro: Culture war is between elitists and everyone else

Again, rational, civil conversation on Fox News. Turn on CNN and/or MSNBC and it’s all negative Trump comments. 

Here it is in plain English. If the president does something good he should be supported. If he does something bad, or fails to do anything at all he should be criticized.

Having strong border protection is not only good, it is necessary, as it eliminates or at the very least diminishes terrorists, gang members, human traffickers, drugs, etc. from entering the country; even Haiti protects its borders – and they have little to protect!

Having a strong, prosperous economy with lower taxes is good.

Making other countries pay their fair share for protection from hostile neighbors; for taxes on exports, etc. is also good. 

Bringing and keeping blue collar jobs for middle America is good.

I just don’t get what the hell the left wants? Open borders; a bad economy with taxes up the ying-yang; a huge, inept federal government that controls every aspect of our lives; allowing other countries to take advantage of us financially; losing manufacturing and other similar industries to places like China, Indonesia, etc.? Does any of the liberal’s agenda make any sense? TGO

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2 Responses to Shapiro: Culture war is between elitists and everyone else

  1. My birthplace, the great city of New York was built and made great by immigrants – not by the American Indian nor by the American Redneck. That in turn, made America Great. I say, let’s make America Greater. There is a lot of land here. Bring in all the immigrants that want in and put them to work at making more great cities in America. People is Power and the more People, the more power.

    -GHOSTRIDER WISDOM – MAKE AMERICA GREATER…. that’s my Story and I’m sticking to it.

    • The overwhelming majority of the people who migrated to this country back in the day were Europeans. They were not Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, etc., and they definitely were not Islamic terrorists.

      The people from the aforementioned countries are less civilized today than the Europeans who came to America 200 years ago! This may sound racist to some, but it happens to be true. We don’t need to mention the Muslims, because they’re still living in the 15th century!

      By the way, when many of the immigrants came over from Europe back in the 1700s to the early 1900s the United States government and the country in general was in its infancy. There was little that could be done to protect the east coast, west coast and Canadian and Mexican borders. Things are much different now.

      If the United States were to open its borders now it would be everything but the United States, it would become the ‘Ununited Territories’. It would be total anarchy, as you well know.

      But, you can still play devil’s advocate and justify the unjustifiable. Rational thinkers know better.

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