Ingraham: The NFL fumbles on the anthem…again

The NFL has totally botched the hypocritical and/or ignorant NFL players who actually believe that cops are out there conspiring to kill blacks, or that there is an underground movement on the part of whites to keep blacks oppressed. 

There is a comparison to be made here between blacks and Islam. Muslims are their own worst enemy in that they are killing each other due to religious differences. Similarly, blacks are their own worst enemy in that they are killing each other over turf wars.

Inner city blacks are destroying themselves in cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Los Angeles, etc. To blame this on police (many of whom are black) or on whites in general is nothing if not hypocritical. It is ignoring reality. 

The bottom line is that kneeling before the anthem accomplishes nothing. It isn’t going to stop a 19 year-old from illegally acquiring a gun and shooting a rival gang member in one of the aforementioned cities or many others. 

If these players really wanted to make a difference, they would meet with government officials in these major cities (all of whom are democrats by the way) and demand change. They certainly have the money, the time and the star power to do this. 

One thing is for certain, NFL players getting on their knees for 2 minutes 16 times a year is useless. For those of you who disagree with this assessment, provide me with facts to the contrary and let me know what kneeling before the national anthem has accomplished. And please, don’t give me the standard, utopian (deadbeat) response: “It has increased awareness”. This means nothing as people don’t live in a bubble, not in this day and age. TGO

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