The Left’s War on Science

The liberal movement in this country has actually convinced people that they (liberals) are the objective, open-minded intellectuals and that conservatives are basically retards. 

Yet, these are the same people who object to having speakers on campus who oppose their views (not a very open-minded concept). These are the same people who actually claim that there is no difference between men and women. These are the same people obsessed with “saving the planet” as if we could actually destroy it, or save it.

The fact is, there are true intellectuals (and idiots) on both sides of the aisle. The morons who oppose free speech. The feminists who see the world through male oppression, who cannot or will not admit that men are actually better at certain tasks than women. The nitwits who believe the sexes are equal. These are all liberals. Then you have the religious zealots. The idiots who believe the Bible literally. The conservative fundamentalists from the South, who believe the world is 10,000 years old, who believe Jesus will return to earth for Judgment Day; these are also indoctrinated, brain-dead individuals to be sure. TGO

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