NFL makes history with Male Cheerleaders at Superbowl LIII

As I’ve stated before on several occasions, this country is F*CKED UP!

So now, the world will get to see a pair of fruitcakes prancing around on a football field, acting like the women who surround them (real cheerleaders). Because I am sure that if you asked the typical football fan they actually don’t like seeing hot, sexy  women with nice legs and tight asses. No, instead they would prefer to see a couple of fags.

What is this country coming to? TGO

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2 Responses to NFL makes history with Male Cheerleaders at Superbowl LIII

  1. Srebmahc says:

    Fag? Fruitcake? There are better and more decent words that we can use to describe a community of people we may not agree with. Would it please you if a white person called you a monkey or a nigger?

    • Well, being that I’m not black they can call me those things and more. Actually, people can refer to me however they feel because I’m not thin-skinned. I also believe that we’ve gotten WAY TOO sensitive, politically-correct, whatever you want to call it. At the end of the day, black, white, yellow, gay, straight, rich, poor, etc. we’re all just people. But I agree with you, calling people by derogatory labels is not appropriate.

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