Sen. Bernie Sanders: We could learn a lot from Cuba

Yes Bernie, you commie, we could learn a lot from Cuba.

We could learn how a country nicknamed “The Pearl of the Antilles” became an island slum. We could learn how people who opposed the Castro regime were jailed without a trial, put before a firing squad or how they “magically disappeared”, never to be seen or heard from again. We could learn how people stand in food lines for hours for rationed portions of food. We could learn how markets are littered with empty shelves. We could learn how Cuba shut down over 200 sugar refineries because of infrastructure and other issues. We could learn how Cuban children have been indoctrinated and forced to work in labor camps. We could learn how teenage prostitution is rampant, especially in Havana, because people are living in poverty and sell their daughters to tourists for food and goods purchased in the black market. We could learn all about weekly power outages, crumbling buildings, busted roads and unsafe bridges, etc. I could go on, but the bottom line is that we learned how SOCIALISM SUCKS!!!

We all know you were a Fidel Castro ass-sniffer. We also know that you supported the Hugo Chavez regime and now (even worse) the Nicolas Maduro regime. We also know that you’re a flaming hypocrite, like most, who love socialism for the masses while you enjoy your wealth. Socialism is great for thieves, thieves such as Fidel and Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro and many more like them. People who have amassed enormous wealth while robbing their respective countries and their people blind. 

You and your commie friends should all rot in hell! TGO

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