Sen. Dianne Feinstein and students debate Green New Deal | The View

I’m trying to determine who is the bigger moron, Joy Behar or Sonny Hostin. Months ago it would have been a slam-dunk, and I would have said Joy Behar. But with each segment I watch of these two bimbos I must say that Sonny Hostin is gaining ground, and fast.

Did she just say that eight year old kids know a great deal about climate change? Really you idiot? Tell me, what do they know? Here’s what they know: NOTHING. They simply repeat what their indoctrinators tell them. 

But, Joy Behar didn’t disappoint. Just before the segment ended she said that we were all going to be underwater before we know it. 

Bottom line: Joy Behar is still in the lead as the bigger moron, but Sonny Hostin is closing the gap. Before year’s end, Sonny Hostin may become the lead moron of The View! TGO

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