Stossel: Venezuela IS Socialism

The HYPOCRISY is grotesque!!! Michael Moore, the fat tub of lard; Sean Penn, the delinquent movie “star”; Bernie “the commie” Sanders… These socialist sympathizers make me sick! Why didn’t they f*ckin’ move to Venezuela and lick Hugo Chavez’ ass? Why don’t they go now and lick Nicolas Maduro’s ass? Why didn’t they move to Cuba and suck on Fidel Castro’s ass? In fact, why don’t they move there now and suck on Raul Castro’s ass? – Raul would love it! 

You want to know why? Because they’re spineless hypocrites and despicable human beings! Because they KNOW as well as I do that these “important figures” have killed and jailed thousands of innocent people. Because they KNOW that they have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from their respective countries. Because they KNOW how the respective societies have decayed since these socialists took power.

These people, and all who support them, are the scum of the earth. They’re nothing but common thieves, whether in fatigues with long beards or dressed in $5000 suits. They all deserve the worst that live can dish out at them. TGO

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