Gutfeld on NYT’s big bombshell about Trump taxes

With each passing day the Left-Tards become more and more insane, as if that were even possible. The latest, wait for it: Donald Trump lost $1 billion. Ok, wait, because this is really, really stupid. Here is my question: What does a person have to have to lose $1 billion? The answer, come on now you “intellectuals”, you morons you… Give up? It wasn’t a trick question. To lose $1 billion one has to have AT LEAST $1 billion.

Now you tell me, does Lemon-head over at CNN have, has he ever had, or will he ever have $1 billion? NO! What about the bimbo at CNN, Alisyn Camerota? Does she have, has she ever had, or will she ever have $1 billion? NO! So, what are these losers talking about?

Just when you thought Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) could get no worse, it does… TGO

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