Tucker: Social media takes aim at Matt Damon

These ultra-liberal bimbos who want to condemn every man for simply being a man need to get over it. There is quite a difference between the extremes, from a purely genuine gesture of attraction/affection to rape.

People such as Jody Foster and the rest of these militant feminists aren’t going to change at minimum 200,000 years of evolution where men have been the pursuers of women, just as in the animal kingdom; after all, at the end of the day we are animals with animalistic instincts. 

Men are always going to be men and make sexual advances to women. There is a proper and respectful way of doing this and not all men are pigs. To vilify ALL MEN simply because they’re men is utterly stupid. But then after all, we are talking about stupid people. TGO

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  1. Bernardo Vellon says:

    Republican men are the anmals. We Democrats love to flow with purely genuine gesture of attraction/affection!

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