Lisa Boothe slams Pelosi’s ‘prison’ comment, battles Dem strategist

I’ll state it yet again, the democrats are immoral. This is not just politics. It isn’t even dirty politics. This is an absolutely despicable effort to destroy a man simply as a result of a lust for power. What they did to Brett Kavanaugh for several weeks they have been doing to Donald Trump for going on three years now, and it only gets worse.

These people should be voted out of office. None of the cast of characters who are on the phony impeachment bandwagon, who shamelessly slam the president of the United States day in and day out belong in politics. They might be good at picking strawberries in a field but certainly not at serving the American people. TGO

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1 Response to Lisa Boothe slams Pelosi’s ‘prison’ comment, battles Dem strategist

  1. Bernardo Vellon says:

    Silly boy! This is exactly what American politics is! Not picking strawberries!

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