President Trump imposes restrictions on travel to Cuba

F*ck Cuba, especially all of the communist Cubans living (mostly) in Miami who sympathize with the Castro regime and left the island because their stomachs were empty, not for moral reasons. 

These are the lazy-ass Cubans who don’t like to work. Instead they hang out looking for ways to get rich quick, regardless of the method or who they need to stab in the back. They don’t even know how to speak properly, they talk in some trashy lingo that they learned in the streets of Havana as the Castro regime systematically destroyed the island.

These people were all-too supportive of Fidel Castro when he promised to take from the rich to give to the poor. Ignorant as are, they believed him, just as the idiots in Venezuela believed Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro. Of course, what these dictators do is feed off of the greed and envy of the poor and then screw the rich and poor alike, as not only do they steal all private homes, businesses and goods, they also steal people’s freedoms! Just remember, this is what the liberals in this country want to impose on the American people. ‘Bernie the Commie’ started the trend and the rest of the Trump haters are following in his footsteps.  

Now Nicolas Maduro and that fag in Cuba, Raul Castro, along with the rest of their cronies know what a REAL president (with balls) is like!  

Trump just continues to do the right thing, time and time again…TGO

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