Tapper: The President told a demonstrable lie

Just your typical Trump-bashing on CNN, this time it’s Jake Tapper, one of the many hypocrites in that media outlet.

They won’t criticize the Somalian Bimbo for trashing Israel, or Jews, or the President of the United States! They won’t criticize her for talking favorably about Al-Qaida! They won’t criticize the fact that she’s a member of the Socialist party! Yet every single f*cking segment they do on that network is about trashing Trump.

Jake Tapper, you’re a hypocrite, just like the rest of the posse on CNN. You KNOW that the statement “if you don’t like the country you can leave” has nothing to do with racism, and you’re scum for stating that it does! You liberals have no scruples or morals. This is why you’re going to get another 4 years of Trump come 2020!

And speaking of the little bimbo, Ilhan Omar… This country has been in existence for 243 years, and in that short span it has become the greatest nation in the history of the planet, bar none, and whoever may be in second place (if there even is a second place) isn’t even close. Yet here comes this little dweeb from Somalia of all places, and she has the ovaries to actually say that she is fighting for what the United States “should be” and what it “deserves to be”? What exactly would that be Ilhan, a failed Islamic state such as Somalia? A failed Socialist state such as Venezuela? Maybe a combination of both? This woman is garbage! TGO

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