Cuomo revisits Trump supporters lying about Trump lying

Chris Cuomo, otherwise known as ‘Diarrhea Man’ (because that is what he is) continues his relentless quest to defame Donald Trump. This is no secret, this is a very clear agenda on the part of ALL of the talking heads at the Communist News Network (CNN). Does his audience believe him? It doesn’t really matter. The audience who watches CNN has basically dwindled to the point of non-existence, and it’s no wonder. Most people, no matter how liberal they may be, are tired of the same, Trump-bashing mantra; it has gotten old. Sure, there are plenty of hardcore Left-Tards still out there, but who really cares about them? They are nothing but mindless retards who never had an original thought and stand for nothing. These people still praise Che Guevara as a great man when in fact he was actually nothing more than a communist assassin who shot people in the back of the head. 

The bottom line: Chris Cuomo and those who believe his false rhetoric are living zombies who have cheese between their ears. Like him, they are mostly immoral and spineless individuals who hate Donald Trump and want America to fail just because they believe it makes them “progressive”, as if that was something to be proud of. TGO

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