Chris Cuomo clashes with Rudy Giuliani over Ukraine

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The fact that CNN (Communist News Network) as I refer to them or FAKE NEWS, as Trump refers to them, pull these stunts in their relentless efforts to cover up for Obama and Clinton while accusing Trump of criminal activity is laughable. 

Chris Cuomo is a hack and a true scum-bag. Don Lemon is (well, we all know what he is). He is also the biggest fraud at CNN, and being that their entire staff are frauds that doesn’t say much about him.

To add to the buffoonery, Lemon-Head has Frank Bruni on, a columnist from the New York Times, and basically asks him to sort things out. Really? Someone from the New York Times is going to be objective? The same corrupt newspaper who just a few days ago put out a bogus story about Brett Kavanaugh is going to be objective? I think we all know why Lemon-Head relates to Frank Bruni; Frank Bruni is another fruitcake just like he is. He also has zero credibility as he works for that corrupt paper. 

Bottom line: these clowns are SCUM. Nevertheless, I still watch CNN from time to time just to reinforce my opinion of them, and they never disappoint.

What I do find amazing is that these clowns are too stupid to realize that they’re being played. All their conservative guests know that CNN is biased and that they’re going to spin the truth against Trump. All these hacks have done and all they will continue to do is help Trump win with their corrupt “reporting”, which people are sick of, hence their miniscule ratings. TGO

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