Steve Forbes: Warren’s wealth tax is ‘socialism without calling it socialism’

Socialists want BIG government so they can rule over you, and that includes control of your money. This is what makes people dependent on the State.  

Pocahontas, like Bernie Sanders, is a socialist through and through. Of course, as members of the ‘ruling class’ they would not be subjected to the same limitations that the average citizen would be.

What these people will produce is textbook Cuba and Venezuela… They promise to go after the elite, the ultra-wealthy, the Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett/s of the country. This also includes Wall Street, the banking industry, health care, the pharmaceutical industry and the fossil fuel industry.

The lower and lower-middle classes, who are generally envious of these wealthy people and dislike large corporations, will undoubtedly support them. Why? Well, what do they have to lose, they already have little and are being promised “equality”. In other words, the ‘ruling class’ promises to give them what they took from the rich, but these are empty promises. The ‘ruling class’ will then go after the upper-middle class, then the middle class and finally the poor. They will eventually suck the life and dreams out of every American. This is what socialism does.

Bottom line: like Cuba and Venezuela, people will be left with nothing. You will have a ‘ruling class’ (them) and the peasants (everyone else). But I left out a very small but important detail. Before all of this happens, the ultra-wealthy and the upper-middle class will see this coming and get out of dodge, just as in (you guessed it) Cuba and Venezuela. This will accelerate the take-over of power by the ‘ruling class’ and within a decade society will decay as people are left with no incentive to work, to produce, to thrive. 

This all soundes too dramatic, right? Too over-the-top, too far-fetched, too cynical. Tell that to (you guessed it) Cubans and Venezuelans, as well as hundreds of millions of people in Russia, Cambodia, North Korea, North Vietnam and doezens of eastern-block nations.

Socialism is a form of cancer and once it takes root it will destroy its host; the nation. TGO

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