Urinal Lotta Trouble! … Portland Strikes Again

Unbelievable! These feminist fags masquerading as men in cities such as Portland make me want to puke! Just imagine the stupidity behind this particular decision in building design – eliminating urinals to remove an “unfair advantage” on the part of men. Now having a penis provides an “unfair advantage” which needs to be neutralized!

This reminds me of another brain-dead “idea” that only the retarded liberal mind could conceive of; outlawing plastic straws with actual fines and convictions while at the same time handing out thousands upon thousands of PLASTIC syringes in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco so that drug addicts can ‘shoot-up’ without being exposed to potential diseasex!!! Is this not one of the most absurd, most asinine, most idiotic decisions ever made by people in charge*%&!?

Yes folks, liberals are retards, hence the term LEFT-TARDS. These are the people running for office on the democrat side of the aisle. Oh, and let’s not forget what else these idiotic hypocrites stand for – SOCIALISM!

Good luck Americans, we’re going to need it if any more of these liberal buffoons are elected to positions of power. TGO

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