Tucker: A plea to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Yes, you f*cking stupid, hypocritical BIMBO! It is the white man who is “polluting the earth”. It is also the white man who harnessed electricity; who invented the telephone AND the cell phone. It is the white man who invented the first train, and automobile, and airplane. It is the white man who invented air conditioning and brought heating systems into our homes, who invented washing machines and dryers; elevators, microwaves and dishwashers. It is the white man who invented modern computers and televisions along with countless electronic devices, not to mention the internet. It is the white man who found a cure for polio, smallpox, AIDS and countless other diseases, along with medications to alleviate pain and suffering.  

You god-damn c*nt!!! You ignorant, racist, nothingness of a human being, much less a woman. You are lucky I wasn’t interviewed by you or your immoral, hypocritical clan, because I would have buried you faster than you could say AOC. 

You belong to a relatively small group of people on this planet who are comparable to being less than an insect. You are nothing more than bacteria. TGO

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