CNN’s Don Lemon Has TDS Meltdown Over Trump Thanos Meme REACTION I Sara Gonzales Unfiltered

Lemonhead, as Tucker Carlson refers to him, is such a flagrant *sshole (and I’ll stop there) that he can no longer be watched. I was never a fan, but from time to time I would watch CNN just to get another perspective on things. The problem is, the people at CNN are such immoral hypocrites, they are so over-the-top and disgusting in their support of the crooked democrats, that I refuse to watch any of their hacks twisting and turning the facts to suit their narrative.

The CNN tribe is all bad, but Don Lemon is probably the worst drama queen of all of them. His dramatic dialogues and exagerrated behavior is so phony that I can no longer bear to watch. The same is obvioulsy true for most of the public as his ratings (and those of CNN collectively) have plummeted. TGO

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