Communism is Coming

 Whenever I hear one of these imbeciles talk about socialism/ communism favorably I always ask myself: why don’t you just move to Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, etc.? Really, if you truly believe that capitalism is so blatantly flawed, don’t wait around until your fcked-up ideology comes to fruition here in the Unites States, assuming it ever does. Just leave NOW and live in a “utopian” (socialist) society. Renounce your U.S. citizenship and get the fck out!!! TGO  

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Am interested in science, politics and sports. I relish learning about the world and our (mankind's) place in it and where we're headed as a society, both locally and globally. Am a collector of fountain pens and folding (pocket) knives. Enjoy a good book, a good movie, playing chess and fantasy football.
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