Iran expert: U.S. airstrike was “stunningly stupid and counterproductive”

The liberal mentality: Iranians want to blow-up the U.S. Embassy? Let them. We wouldn’t want to piss them off, because then they’ll become even more aggressive and cause more harm. Really???

Now I understand why young (liberal) males are such pussies; having been brought up with that mentality on the part of their liberal parents. Bullies at school stole their lunch money, school supplies, whatever, from the time they were in grade school because these liberal kids never stood up to them. A dozen years later these same kids are now in our universities and they are “offended” and “hurt” by professors and/or public speakers who have a non-liberal mindset; people such as Ben Shapiro for instance. This is why soon free-speech will be a thing of the past.

Only liberals, with their twisted, demented way of viewing things, especially when Donald Trump is involved, can justify not taking action against terrorists. TGO

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