“We owe it to the American people to prevent war”: U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar

Have you ever seen a sorrier-looking group of losers assembled in one place than in the photo below?

One really has to laugh when seeing this inept little woman preaching to us about statements from Albert Einstein and comparisons to Donald Trump. Really? This is what you have to offer, elementary school-like arguments about war.

People who have proven themselves to be idiots shouldn’t be allowed to stand in front of a microphone, as one can be sure that all that will be spoken is utter-garbage, especially when the individual has an agenda, which this bimbo clearly has.

We all know, those of us with more than just a cerebral cortex, that terrorists used the hundreds of millions of dollars which Obama handed over to the scummy Iranian government to fund terrorism throughout the region and beyond. But naturally, NOT ONE liberal has the testicles to admit that, hypocrites that they are…

Anyway, nothing can express my thoughts on this more clearly than this simple cartoon, see below… TGO 

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