Cuomo calls out what Lindsey Graham wore on Fox News

Two of the biggest buffoons at CNN doing what they do best; criticizing Trump, the Trump administration and republicans at large. These clowns are so obsessed with Trump that they more than likely masturbate each night thinking about him; especially the fruitcake himself, Don Lemon. These two have an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) but their derangement is, at the same time, admiration and envy. They know in their heart of hearts that Trump is doing a good job despite the unrelenting attacks from people in their network, MSNBC and others – not to mention the liberal mob in Washington. 

But, as the fruitcake states, one day there will be a democrat president. When that day comes, republicans will get their revenge on what will ultimately be eight (8) years of Trump bashing. TGO

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