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How will these incompetent politicians acquire all of the money necessary to implement their plans? That’s not too difficult to figure out; they’re going to increase taxes. Who will pay for these taxes? The upper class, the upper-middle class, the middle class and the lower-middle class, that’s who. In other words, EVERYONE (except of course those living in absolute poverty and the homeless). 

But let’s not forget about “big corporations”. Democrats talk about big corporations as if these entities were devoid of people. What will big corporations (the people who run them) do when their taxes are raised? That depends, they will either take their businesses abroad and/or they will raise prices. One thing they will NOT do, is lose profits. This is one thing these morons don’t seem to understand. Of course, if they had their way they would bankrupt these corporations or at the very least have them run by the government, which would eventually result in them going out of business because the government can’t run anything; just look at how totally dysfunctional they are! 

The bottom line is this: SOCIALISM DOESN’T WORK! Here are two examples to justify this statement, both of which are relatively close to home…

  1. Cuba was the largest producer/exporter of sugar in the world; this of course was prior to Castro’s take-over of the country. In 1958, the year before the “Revolution”, Cuba had 297 fully operational sugar refineries. Today, Cuba has  ZERO (0) sugar refineries in operation. Socialism somehow managed to destroy the country’s biggest asset.
  2. Venezuela had the largest oil reserves in the entire planet prior to Hugo Chavez’ take-over of the country. I don’t think I need to go into detail about where that oil and money went. But one thing is for certain, Venezuela is a toilet bowl, as is Cuba.

So, these socialist ideas that ‘Bernie the Commie’ has brought forward, which Elizabeth Warren and to a lesser extent the rest of the democrats continue to endorse, DO NOT WORK! 

Socialism doesn’t work because people are NOT created equally. Some people are intelligent, some are mentally challenged (to be politically-correct) in other words, dumb. Some people are industrious, others are lazy, etc. The idea that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos (the three richest people in America) owe anyone anything and are therefore compelled to supplement the masses with their money is not only wrong, it is also immoral. These people have in one way or another transformed our world, our way of life. In addition, their companies, which they grew from the ground up, employ approximately one million people. These people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, buy goods, etc., and in doing so are a tremendous asset to our society and in turn to our economy, just like the rest of American workers. What has Bernie Sanders done to improve the quality of our lives? NOTHING. How does Bernie Sanders contribute to our society? He hasn’t. How many people does Bernie Sanders employ? NONE. 

By the way, let’s not compare the Scandinavian countries with the United States and claim that socialism works for them as Bernie Sanders claims. First of all, Norway, Finland and Denmark are not strictly socialist. They are all capitalist countries with varying degrees of social institutions, but they are not strictly socialist. Secondly, these countries do not lead the world in ANY category, as does the United States. Instead, they benefit from the capitalist system of the U.S., as does the rest of the world. 

An example of this is healthcare, a talking-point for people such as Bernie Sanders. He always compares the cost of healthcare in the States with Canada, for instance, where health care is “free”. But there are details which he fails to mention. The overwhelming majority of healthcare costs in the United States are the result of Research and Development as well as quality of care. For instance, the Canadian healthcare industry didn’t invent the cure for polio, or smallpox, the AIDS virus, etc. It also didn’t invent x-rays, MRI machines or the myriad of other processes, procedures and state-of-the-art equipment developed and now commonplace in the United States. The same can be said for prescription drugs. Nine-nine percent of all drugs are either invented by or with the help of the United States Drug Administration. Places such as Canada, the Scandinavian countries, and certainly Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and China are not world leaders in the healthcare/drug industry. In short, all of this costs money, hence the high cost of healthcare in this country. This is why people from all over the world come to the United States for medical procedures. Sure, if an individual breaks a finger or needs a tonsillectomy the aforementioned countries can treat this. But in terms of complex medical procedures such as open heart surgery, organ replacements, cancer treatment, etc. no country rivals the United States with its CAPITALISTIC healthcare system. 

What will happen if Bernie and the rest of the socialist clan succeed in turning the United States into a socialist country? The answer is obvious, the United States will decay and will no longer be a world-leader in ANY realm. As a result of this people throughout the world will suffer the consequences. TGO

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