Fear Factor … An Insideous Contagion

Hysteria at never-before observed levels… The only thing that could rival this would be an invasion on earth by an alien life form from another galaxy. This is what the liberal media thrives on; promoting FEAR. 

It truly is sad that a totalitarian government, China, has been at the root cause of thousands of deaths worldwide. It is also sad that liberals in this country defend China as if they were completely innocent in this entire debacle. They ignore the fact that Chinese authorities imprisoned reporters who wanted to get the word out on the virus, or that they condemned the doctor who brought it to the forefront, who now happens to be dead!

Liberal Americans making communist China out to be the good guys while our own president, his staff and anyone who supports him is thought of as evil!

My question is, just how low can these people in the liberal media get, and how ignorant can their brainwashed mob be to take it all in and buy into it? TGO 

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