‘Monumental incompetence’ displayed by World Health Organisation leadership

Views on the World Health Organization (WHO) and China from “down under”. 

Hopefully all of the free nations of the world will finally see China for what it really is, an oppressive communist regime whose leaders care little for human life. They’re nothing if not liars, cheats and thieves who only care about controlling the world. 

What amazes me most of all is how the liberal mob in this country, the United States, still to this day defend this totalitarian regime, even after they have the blood of well over 130,000 worldwide deaths on their hands, and counting… not to mention the complete shutdown of the global economy and the economic destruction of hundreds of millions of people! But then again, one has to remember that not unlike Chinese leaders, liberals are also immoral. They thrive on chaos and at pointing the finger at those who oppose their views, yet they do nothing for anyone. TGO

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