Nancy Pelosi on small business relief program, Trump’s plan to reopen nation

Ok people, I ask you, have you ever seen or heard a bigger bumbling idiot (and liar) than this c*nt, Nancy Pelosi? This cretin holds the third most powerful position in the United States of America! That should make every American poop in their respective undergarment!

In addition to being a complete moron, she’s also an immoral hypocrite who doesn’t care for the people of this country. All she wants is to keep her position of power so she can manipulate the sheep in her party. Here’s a scary thought, imagine the incoherent Joe Biden as President, with Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris (pick your favorite leftist bimbo) as Vice-President, and this bumbling idiot as Speaker of the House!!! That, my friends, should be a sobering and scary thought to anyone of good conscience. 

By the way, Chris Wallace is no winner. He asks questions and doesn’t press her for real answers, instead accepting whatever bullsh*t comes out of her mouth, which is plentiful. Maybe he should be more consistent in his interviews. I’ve seen him really go after many a republican. TGO  

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