Highlights from Bill O’Reilly’s ‘No Spin News’

The Left-Tards don’t want to be confused with the facts, so they just continue drinking the Kool-Aid spewed out by scum-bags such as Nancy Pelosi and the liberal hacks in the media. Does Jake Tapper come to mind? How about Don Lemon? Chris Cuomo? Wolf Blitzer? Anderson Cooper? Brian Seltzer? Alisyn Camerota? John Berman? John King? Gloria Borger? S.E. Cupp? Ana Navarro? Dana Bash? Brooke Baldwin? Erin Burnett… and how could I possibly leave Jim Acosta off this list?

I’ve listed a lot of people in the paragraph above, and yet there isn’t one, not one honest person in that whole bunch of CNN hacks. All of them, without exception, twist and turn, spin and fabricate each and every political story to make Trump and by representation, the United States, seem inept, corrupt, racist and filled with stupid people. They would all prefer that Trump and the United States fail in every way, so that they can elect a socialist such as Bernie Sanders or a  bumbling, half-witted man way past his better years (which weren’t that good) such as Joe Biden. Anybody but Trump they say!

By the way, those working at MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS and many other outlets aren’t far behind, and in the case of MSNBC, those scoundrels are in some cases even worse than the phlegm working on CNN, if that’s possible. TGO 

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