Rand Paul on heated Senate exchange with Dr. Fauci

Of course former president Obama knew what was going on with the FBI and the dirty “investigations” on Michael Flynn and the Trump campaign. Anyone who chooses to believe that Obama, Biden, Clinton and others had no knowledge of any of this is either retarded or has his or her head stuck up their ass. 

As for Dr. Fauci, I’m sure he’s a brilliant man but quite frankly I’m tired of hearing his doomsday prognostications. Naturally, democrats are eating it all up because if they had a choice the country would remain shut down through the summer and into the fall. This would serve them in several ways:

  1. Trump’s handling of the virus would be considered a failure, along with his economy. 
  2. Joe Biden would remain sequestered in his basement and protected from too much media exposure.
  3. Nancy Pelosi would continue her efforts to throw money at the American people in an attempt to win over the electorate.

What is disgusting in all of this is that once again, democrats want the country to go into a downward spiral; for people to continue losing their jobs and businesses, just so they can regain power. That, my friends, is sick. TGO

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