Protesters harass local reporter at reopening rally

Wait a minute, now I’m really confused. Why is CNN reporting this? They endorse harassment, don’t you all remember? I do.

Remember when Maxine Waters publicly stated that members of the Trump cabinet should be harassed? Whether at a department store, a restaurant, a gasoline station, create a crowd she said, push back at them and harass them… 

Remember when members of ANTIFA, supported by CNN anchors, forced people out of restaurants, threw eggs at them; it happened to Candace Owens at a restaurant, it happened to Ted Cruz and his wife, it happened at Tucker Carlson’s home (which was vandalized) when his wife and children were there alone, it happened to a reporter (Andy Ngo) in the streets of Portland – the poor guy was actually hospitalized for a concussion. 

Yet now, when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s a problem? 

Liberals like to dish it out but they can’t take it. Just like the hacks at CNN, they are HYPOCRITES, and that’s an understatement! TGO

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