Will The Shutdown Flip The Golden State?

What ultra-liberal (left-tards) have done to California is unconscionable. The most beautiful state in the country with the most beautiful city in the country, San Francisco, has been turned into a toilet bowl.

California has it all; mountains, hills, a desert, a beautiful coastline, great climate, skiing, beaches, beautiful forests, beautiful cities, beautiful people, etc. No other state in the country offers such variety. Unfortunately, it’s government is saturated with liberals, which says it all…

If the people of the state don’t wake up and come to terms with the fact that liberals and their liberal policies are toxic and destroy everything they touch, the state will eventually crumble. Widespread homelessness, drug-ridden streets, filth, sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants, exhorbitant taxes… how much more of this are you willing to tolerate?  

Wake up liberals, use your common sense (assuming you have any). Vote these incompetent, power-hungry “dreamers” out of office before it’s too late. Help turn California back to the beautiful state it once was. TGO

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