Why Trump changed his tune on China

It only takes a mere 5 minutes and 21 seconds, the length of this video, to realize that Fareed Zakaria, and obviously CNN, are scum. 

Watch how this low-life completely spins the entire history of the COVID-19 pandemic to defend both communist China and the World Health Organization, while naturally criticizing Trump. It’s enough to make people with integrity puke.

Only the most ignorant and/or immoral die-hard liberal democrats can believe the deceitful comments being spewed from the mouth of this hack. 

The liberal media’s hatred of Trump is so intense that they (in this instance CNN) prepare dozens of “news” segments like this one each and every week. Mind you, they know they are lying, they know they are taking sides against the United States and they know that many countries throughout the world are also rightfully holding China and the W.H.O. accountable for the death of its citizens. Yet, they don’t care. They don’t care because they have no morals and when there are no morals there is no shame.

Just think of it, this bum is comparing the spread of a virus in a country the size of the United States with that of two small islands, Taiwan and Hong Kong! How base and obtuse can he be? TGO

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