Trey Gowdy on George Floyd’s death: ‘It was murder’

I saw the video of these crooked cops (below) and it actually seemed surreal. This *sshole who thinks he’s a tough guy with his knee on this man’s neck, choking him to death with his own hands in his pocket! As if that wasn’t enough, the man is lying face down on the street, totally immobilized and cuffed behind his back, with two other cops restraining him while a fourth cops stands by, watching this man being choked to death and doing nothing. Unbelievable!!!

Three cops deserve to be tried for accessory to murder and the fourth for murder. The murdering scum should be put away for life. He’s going to have a tough time of it in prison, and it will be well-deserved.

Watch the actual video below. TGO

Video: YouTube


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