Tucker: Media fan racial flames

What happened to George Floyd was (in my opinion) unconscionable. We don’t know the whole story, but I’m going to take it to an extreme. Even if George Floyd took a swing at one of the officers and proceeded to take his gun from the holster and tried to shoot one of the cops, which I seriously doubt was the sequence of events, it still doesn’t justify choking the man to death, even if it was not intentional. 

We have terrorists such as one of the Boston Marathon bombers, who is responsible for killing and dismembering dozens of people, yet he sits in prison, with access to free meals, free cable TV, free medical care, etc. Yet police are going to choke a man to death in the streets?

Now, here’s the other side of the coin. What happened to George Floyd is no excuse for the destruction of businesses, private property and the extensive looting that occurred, this time in Minneapolis. Nevertheless, this is the result EVERY SINGLE TIME there is an injustice to a black man. The liberal media, naturally, (being that it’s saturated with scum) like Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and many others, stoke these fires. They use racism and hatred to divide people. They promote racism. They use it as a political tool.

Mind you, most major cities in America have black police chiefs, or black mayors, or both. Either way, they certainly have liberal politicians running them. New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle… are all run by liberal mayors, in most cases they are also governed by liberal governors. Yet the black community in all of these cities is mostly oppressed; many living at the edge of poverty. Somehow liberals want us to believe, and in fact many people do, that this is the fault of white people and/or conservatives (Republicans). Nothing could be further from the truth. This demonstrates the power of the liberal media and its ability to indoctrinate people. 

Folks, as we all know this country had a black (liberal) president for eight years. He certainly didn’t win the election because of only black voters, many white people voted for him as well. In fact, I voted for him during his first term (I didn’t vote at all during the 2012 elections) and I consider myself to have mostly conservative views. Yet, Barack Obama didn’t do much, if anything, to suppress racism in this country. In fact, he might have made it worse. 

The bottom line is that there are good and bad black people as well as good and bad white people, and we all need to learn to live together without chaos. Just don’t allow the liberal media to control your thoughts. Think for yourselves. Use your common sense and look at the facts, not the false media hype and narrative. TGO

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