Former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin arrested

Because of the scum-bag pictured on the screen, Derek Chauvin, and the other three officers who participated in George Floyd’s murder, the country is once again thrust into racial chaos.

Of course, let’s not forget that this entire mess was initiated by basically just four (4) men, yet now there are thousands of thugs all across the country destroying property and looting. 

So we have a small group of dirty cops who are basically responsible for the murder of George Floyd. Then we have thousands if not tens of thousands of delinquents throughout the country doing what they do best. The third group, who I will refer to as mental retards are seen in this video, yelling and lecturing police officers who had nothing to do with the incident. These are some of the instigators, part of the liberal mob who stir up the rest of the crazies.

These are the times when I wonder how the human race made it this far. It is true that we are basically nothing more than evolved apes. Take a look at a group of chimpanzees in the wild, attacking a rival group, we are no different. TGO

Video: YouTube


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