Do black lives really matter?

I have a question for people out there, and I mean people of all races, especially those who are protesting, rioting and/or looting. Do black lives really matter? I mean, do they really, really matter?

Personally, I don’t believe they matter to any more than maybe a small percentage of the people who have walked the streets during this past week, whether their intentions were good or bad, honest or dishonest. I don’t believe that black lives really and truly matter to many of these people. 

I believe that the overwhelming majority of the protesters are either really ignorant or absolute hypocrites; and I’ll tell you why. 

During the weekend prior to the unfortunate murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May, 25, 2020, which happened to be Memorial Weekend, a total of thirty-nine (39) people were shot in the streets of Chicago, ten (10) of them died. The weekend following the murder of George Floyd, May 29th thru June 1st, a total of eighty-five (85) people were shot in the same city, thirty-four (34) of them died. That’s one hundred twenty-four (124) people shot and forty-four (44) people dead, in one U.S. city in two weekends!!!

Now, let me ask the question again. Do black lives really matter, or, do they matter only when these lives are cut short by white men?

It’s a valid question because it demonstrates what a total charade this whole thing – the protests, the riots, the lootings and the shootings really are!!!

Very few of the people who are walking the streets really know anything about George Floyd, and they certainly don’t know anything about the forty-four (44) dead people in Chicago during the past two weekends!

The bottom line is that most of the people walking the streets are either ignorant or hypocrites, with relatively few exceptions. The overwhelming majority of them no doubt may be very well intentioned, but it doesn’t take away the reality; they are nothing but tools for the Left, and by the Left I mean those who have a Leftist agenda: democrat politicians who want to regain the White House and those who are in bed with them such as the liberal media and of course, anarchist groups like ANTIFA. Whether they realize it or not, these are the people the protestors are supporting, but certainly not George Floyd or blacks in general.

I can tell you this, I guarantee you that none of the hypocritical talking heads, not any of the “stars” in Hollywood; the political hacks in CNN, MSNBC and other liberal media outlets and certainly not Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or any of the other crooked politicians thirsty for power in Washington know (or do they care) about the forty-four (44) dead blacks in Chicago during the past two weekends. That’s because they were not killed by whites and therefore don’t fit their narrative!

Ever heard of David Dorn? He was a 77 year-old black man and former police captain in St. Louis, Missouri. He was shot by looters while trying to protect a friend’s shop from vandals and thieves. He was left to die as he bled to death covered in a pool of blood on the sidewalk. None of the hacks at CNN even covered the story of this decent black man who served his community for decades. Why? Because his death didn’t fit their narrative, it didn’t move their agenda forward. Had he been shot by whites, the entire world would have heard and known all about David Dorn! How pathetic is that? 

Just think about this if you are a moral person with good values who really cares not just about black lives, but all lives. Racism is disgusting, there is no denying that. Yet equally disgusting is the hypocrisy of those who use racism for their own political gain, those who want to separate us, who use events such as the death of a black man by white cops to create anarchy and chaos and keep us divided. Divide and conquer, it may sound silly and cliché, but it actually works. Think about that if you truly believe that black lives matter.

The lives of those black men who died in the streets of Chicago over the past two weekends should matter also. Unfortunately, black men die almost every weekend in major cities all across the United States. Cities run by the same liberal (democrat) leaders who are now using the death of George Floyd to push their agenda, in part by covering up the violence and looting by delinquents who are destroying the lives and property of innocent people.

Few people seem to care much for blacks in our inner cities, not even when they die. The politicians who have run these liberal cities for decades have done nothing to improve the quality of their lives. Again, no one seems to care for them, not the politicians, not those who run the media outlets, not the liberals who finance ANTIFA and other radical groups, no one. There are no placards made for them, no one marches for them…

Do black lives really matter? You tell me. TGO



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