‘Black Lives Matter Is a Joke’ — Black D.C. Resident Tells Far-Left Group ‘Go to Chicago’

This woman is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! 

She is 100% correct. Her point of view, her perspective on the issue, is how rational, intelligent individuals think. Of course, the mob mentality is different. The mob mentality is to continue feeling oppressed, feeling sorry for oneself, so that anytime there is a bad incident blacks can blame an entire society, in order to continue the status quo; whites kill blacks, whites are evil, blacks are victims, and nothing changes…

Then you have the lame white woman telling the black woman that she should shut up and leave – a typical liberal/progressive sh*t-head! 

By the way, the black woman’s name is Nestride Yumga. She is a hero in my book for standing up to the mob and calling them out as the hypocrites they are. TGO

Video: YouTube

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