Seattle under siege as protesters take over City Hall: Report

Yet another city mayor, a liberal of course, shows us just how incompetent “progressives” really are… this time in Seattle.

Here’s an analogy of the liberal mindset that I was just reminded of watching this short video, and a true story:

I have a liberal friend who along with his wife had a couple of young toddlers, a boy and girl. Being small children, they were curious and wanted to touch things and get into things. So how did he and his liberal wife deal with this? Did they teach the children that certain things were not toys? No. Did they scold them if they touched or played with vases, picture frames, accessories, etc.? No. Did they punish them if they disobeyed them and broke things? No. What did they do? They did what any liberal-minded couple with half a brain would do. They removed EVERYTHING that was not furniture from view and stored it! 

The typical liberal mentality! Basically no spine and what spine they do have has a malfunctioning brain at the end of it. This is why ALL major cities in America, which are ALL run by liberals, are a complete and total disaster! These people are spineless, gutless and lack any moral sense.

Good luck to America. TGO 

Video: YouTube


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