Tapper to Kudlow: This is as swampy as I can imagine

This is a perfect example of why CNN is FAKE NEWS, and why the liberal media at large is tainted.

Larry Kudlow is a distinguished and respected individual. Jake Tapper is a hack. 

Notice how much of a gentleman Kudlow is, trying his best to avoid a confrontation with Tapper. Look at the sarcastic expression on Tapper’s face the entire time. But more importantly, listen to every comment coming out of Tapper’s mouth and you will notice that EVERY SINGLE WORD HE UTTERS is either negative or has a negative connotation! He was getting his panties all bunched up while Kudlow talked about what a  great job Mnuchin has done, and how rapidly the economy is bouncing  back. 

At the end, we see the hypocrisy of the Left/CNN. During the George Floyd circus, which is still ongoing by the way, CNN hosts (and many other Fake News outlet hosts) were encouraging the general public to “go out and protest”, “the protests are more important than the coronavirus”. Yet now that Trump is planning to re-start his rallies, the liberal hacks are setting the stage for criticisms of Trump and his supporters. The criticisms will be relentless, just wait and see… 

Liberals want Trump to FAIL, which in turns means that the country will FAIL. But they don’t care. They want the power. They want the White House. TGO

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