Sen. Cruz: Impugning the Integrity of Everyone in Law Enforcement Does a Disservice to This Nation

I hear what Senator Ted Cruz says in a measured, articulate manner and compare it to what senators on the other side of the aisle say, and it’s night and day.

Democrat senators such as Kamala Harris, just throw sh*t out there, most of which is false. Yet they throw it out there with conviction, they’re always on the offensive. Republican senators on the other hand, are always on the defensive. ALWAYS!

Until this changes, democrats at large in politics, the media, Hollywood and academia will continue to dominate the narrative and in doing so move society further and further to the Left.

If you don’t believe me just take a look at what is happening to this country. It has gotten to the point where people can be fired from their job, have their reputation and career destroyed simply by saying the “wrong” thing, the “politically-incorrect” thing. People are being censored in our universities, in social media and on our streets. Even statues of Christopher Columbus are now considered offensive! How far is the general public willing to let the morons on the Left take us? 

Republicans and rational people at large need to stand up to this transformation from a free society to one of fear. If not, the United States of America will soon resemble Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and China. 

Our society is decaying at a geometric rate from a steady diet of political-correctness, censorhip and mob rule. It is time to put a stop to this, and it needs to begin with our politicians. GROW SOME BALLS! Don’t be passive, ATTACK! TGO

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